Is your factory safe from a data breach?

Have you evaluated the risk that you are exposed to?

Data breaches are on the rise, fuelled by the increasing interconnectedness of systems, the ever-evolving sophistication of cyber threats, and the expanding volume of valuable data stored and exchanged online.

While much attention is rightly focused on bolstering IT security measures, there's a critical blind spot: the vulnerability of many organisations in their industrial "operational technology" (OT) space. Awareness of this vulnerability remains low, despite the looming threat of a potential cyber attack targeting these systems.

Thred has developed an innovative solution designed to address this pressing issue. Our approach involves a comprehensive strategy aimed at leveraging the mature IT security capabilities into the industrial space.  By doing so, we aim to effectively isolate “command and control” from data and information - allowing one to maximise the benefits of data analysis and improvement whilst mitigating any cyber security threats.