Client Case Studies

Our clients' success is what drives us. Below are some case studies showcasing various parts of Thred's services offerings and capabilities

Case Study 1

Large NZ Manufacturer – Continuous Process

Description A large New Zealand manufacturer, operating an automated plant with a traditional operational technology footprint, struggled to gain meaningful insights from their factory. The performance reporting was fragmented, leading to only superficial insights. The client had a suspicion that significant financial opportunities were being missed but couldn't pinpoint where the inefficiencies lay. Thred's intervention enabled the identification of critical problem areas in the manufacturing process.

What was achieved Thred's intervention enabled the identification of critical problem areas in the manufacturing process. Through comprehensive data collection, modelling, and visualisation, Thred revealed over $3 million in impactable losses. These insights facilitated the implementation of actionable improvements, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and financial performance. 

Case Study 2

Medium Sized Manufacturer – Batch Manufacturer

Description Our client struggled with scheduling and tracking their customer orders throughout their manufacturing process. This hindered their ability to manage their people and production costs. Off-the-shelf software was ill-fitting and over-priced, giving them limited options to improve their business.

What was achieved Thred developed fit-for-purpose software that was able to deliver the necessary ERP / MES functionality. By providing a paperless integrated planning & monitoring, the client could monitor production orders across the process - with powerful insights into productivity losses, material wastage, and cycle-times.

Case Study 3

Large Electricity Generator

Description This company had a complicated and cumbersome process of collecting field data from many remote locations. This resulted in incomplete data, repetitive processing, unnecessary health and safety risk, and overall frustration.

What was achieved Thred worked with the client to develop a fully digital system with edge computing, purpose-built software, and data analysis tools. Using cellular networks and edge devices, Thred was able to transmit data from each field location to a central database for analysis and reporting, while at the same time allowing all applications and data to be used in an offline matter when network coverage was not possible. As a result, overall data accuracy and reliability improved along with a streamlined process for performing each exercise.